Feel the pain and savor happiness.

My Reason. 

​I just don’t know what I really am finding. I just keep on going here and there, in search of nothing. I don’t know what it is but one thing is  for sure, its gonna give me peace. Its gonna be a smooth pebble, a new shade of blue. Its gonna be a new stone shining brighter than diamond. It will be a new shape, a new truth. I believe it will light me up. Its gonna make me live again. I know it will be the tree that will grow up to the sky. It will be the real mirror, the one that could show me “Me”.  It  will be the lake that will actually reflect me. It will not be the sand that  hates me, it won’t slip away.  Its gonna be the sun of joy which won’t hate my sight. Its gonna be my moon that’ll stay with me in light   It’ll be that rose, you know, the one that won’t just die and It won’t take the spring and  leave me in autumn. 
Its  gonna be my reason

Happy Women’s Day

They break us down, they make us feel low. Their words are fatal. They kill us every day. Our cries are hidden, our scars are covered, our face has that paper of fake smile on, always. 

They consider you weak and you prove them right.  

Why don’t you ask yourself, how? 

They break you, you rise, they keep torturing you, you rise, they abuse you, you rise. And then they say,  you are weak and you admit? 

Being powerful doesn’t mean having a strong body. 

We are powerful ladies, spiritually, emotionally, mentally. And that is what matters.  

We ain’t weak

It is beautifully said  you don’t cry because you are weak, you cry because you have been strong since long. “ 
Remember, you don’t deserve to be tortured, you don’t deserve to be used. You have the calibre to move on and let go, you have the ability to fight back, you have the strength to walk away. 

If you are not treated well, you got to fight for your right.  Keep on loving yourself.  You are beautiful in your own way. 

Just live it. 

There are a lot of things a person needs to understand to live a good life. What I believe is, the happiness, the pleasure, the magic is locked somewhere and you gotta find the key and open that lock  to live a life near to perfect. See, you aren’t living for the world, you didn’t come here to just grow up, have children then grandchildren and die.No! You came for something more than that. You came to live. To live for yourself not for the world. 
You are here to find  the way in this journey and break the chains that are stopping you to live fully. You gotta live, live your life cause life won’t live you. It’ll be just passed to someone else after you. No one will live your life, that’s the pleasure and that’s the tragedy.

Give it the way, give it the pleasure to be lived. Its been waiting since long. 


This winter came with a different wind. 

A wind that I thought was a pleasant breeze of joy. A wind that turned into a terrible strom. This winter was freezing, it  freezed my heart too. 

I’m deprived to think ’cause my brain is in pain. Its upset ’cause my heart left it alone. 

My frozen heart has very little throbbing. I won’t say it’s beating ’cause I can’t feel it’s warmth. My hands are shivering, my tears are freezing, I’m shaking, with winter or fear.

 The snow seemed soft but it broke me apart. The wind seemed gentle but it took everything. Now the trees are empty and so am I.
This winter took me away from me.



​You know, sometimes in life you gotta let go of somethings, even though those things are dear or you feel that you can’t even stand the idea of letting it go. If you have struggled alot, waited alot or perhaps just tried alot and you still can’t fix anything to let that thing stay, then you gotta know that it was never meant to stay. 

I know it’s quite a difficult to just let go of things you never wanted to lose but, actually if it is meant to go then it becomes quite easy. 

How many nitrogen balloons that you really loved in your childhood are gone in sky, and you have seen them going away, away and away? 

Yes! It hurts and I won’t say that your pain of losing something will end, but, the other pain will overpower the older one. That is how life goes on. And it’s not justpains and failures in life but so much more, it’s just that you gotta unseal your eyes of the bad things and pains and only then you can see the good ones. 

Plus, I believe in destiny and I believe that if you don’t open up some space in your bag, you can never adjust one more book. So, if you let go and create some space within you, I am sure that space will be filled with something more good and lovely. And all you gotta remember is try, try and try, but if you can’t fix it, just Let it go.

Dreadful Elegance.

Have you ever seen sunset?

That is  beautiful right?

The sun slowly changes its shape, the sky starts turning reddish orange, the rays of sun seem like going in a whole new world where finally they will find peace. 

But, were you never afraid at sunset?

I always am.

When the sun slowly changes its shape, and the blue enthusiastic sky is killed, and the red blood is spread all over the sky, the sky seems to be crying all the cries of people who died. The darkness starts overshadowing the light. It seems like evil won over the right.

This is how reckless sun elegantly dies.


#in response to today’s one word-prompt.

A Walk Alone.

Sometimes you just need a Walk, alone.

 Just you and no one else. No sound of people talking, no vehicle noises, no boss screaming. .Just listening to your heart beat and not thinking about future. Nah! Not at all. Just thinking about what you are, how did you reach here, regretting some mistakes and promising not to make them again. Thinking about the good time spent with wrong people and hoping to forget all bad memories. Realizing what you did wrong and what you should have done instead. Just getting every emotion out. Talking to nature, screaming loud everything you want to share. I know no one is going to reply but finally you will get every damn  emotion out of that cage and let all those secrets fly aimlessly. You will feel releaved, relaxed and maybe then you can handle all that mess again. 


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