​You know, sometimes in life you gotta let go of somethings, even though those things are dear or you feel that you can’t even stand the idea of letting it go. If you have struggled alot, waited alot or perhaps just tried alot and you still can’t fix anything to let that thing stay, then you gotta know that it was never meant to stay. 

I know it’s quite a difficult to just let go of things you never wanted to lose but, actually if it is meant to go then it becomes quite easy. 

How many nitrogen balloons that you really loved in your childhood are gone in sky, and you have seen them going away, away and away? 

Yes! It hurts and I won’t say that your pain of losing something will end, but, the other pain will overpower the older one. That is how life goes on. And it’s not justpains and failures in life but so much more, it’s just that you gotta unseal your eyes of the bad things and pains and only then you can see the good ones. 

Plus, I believe in destiny and I believe that if you don’t open up some space in your bag, you can never adjust one more book. So, if you let go and create some space within you, I am sure that space will be filled with something more good and lovely. And all you gotta remember is try, try and try, but if you can’t fix it, just Let it go.