​I just don’t know what I really am finding. I just keep on going here and there, in search of nothing. I don’t know what it is but one thing is  for sure, its gonna give me peace. Its gonna be a smooth pebble, a new shade of blue. Its gonna be a new stone shining brighter than diamond. It will be a new shape, a new truth. I believe it will light me up. Its gonna make me live again. I know it will be the tree that will grow up to the sky. It will be the real mirror, the one that could show me “Me”.  It  will be the lake that will actually reflect me. It will not be the sand that  hates me, it won’t slip away.  Its gonna be the sun of joy which won’t hate my sight. Its gonna be my moon that’ll stay with me in light   It’ll be that rose, you know, the one that won’t just die and It won’t take the spring and  leave me in autumn. 
Its  gonna be my reason