They break us down, they make us feel low. Their words are fatal. They kill us every day. Our cries are hidden, our scars are covered, our face has that paper of fake smile on, always. 

They consider you weak and you prove them right.  

Why don’t you ask yourself, how? 

They break you, you rise, they keep torturing you, you rise, they abuse you, you rise. And then they say,  you are weak and you admit? 

Being powerful doesn’t mean having a strong body. 

We are powerful ladies, spiritually, emotionally, mentally. And that is what matters.  

We ain’t weak

It is beautifully said  you don’t cry because you are weak, you cry because you have been strong since long. “ 
Remember, you don’t deserve to be tortured, you don’t deserve to be used. You have the calibre to move on and let go, you have the ability to fight back, you have the strength to walk away. 

If you are not treated well, you got to fight for your right.  Keep on loving yourself.  You are beautiful in your own way.